Salesforce Customer Successes with Silo

Silo Connectors works with all industries to design, develop, and implement unique CRM solutions.  Discover more about our recent Salesforce Customer Successes.

Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University is a private, non-profit university in Abilene, Texas. It is affiliated with Churches of Christ and was originally founded in 1906 as Childers Classical Institute. Silo Connectors began working with ACU on a large reporting/dashboard project. To date, we provide ongoing support that greatly improves the usability and efficiency of their Salesforce instance. Additionally, we streamline the enrollment process advisors admit students using a Customer Community Portal.


"We have been working with Silo Connectors, LLC for well over a year.  In that time, it has become clear that Silo Connectors puts customer service first. Their work has been timely, proactive, and of high quality. Not only does Silo Connectors have an expertise within specific Salesforce applications for day to day workflow and projects, but they also assist in strategy development and creating a big-picture vision."

-Jessica Manning, Associate VP for Enrollment
ACU | salesforce customer successes

Forward Thinking Systems

Forward Thinking Systems is a worldwide provider of asset tracking and fleet management software. Silo Connectors works with members of their world class sales team to provide high quality, data driven customer quotes. Building on the Salesforce Configure Price Quote tool, FTS sales representatives are now able to quickly build multiple quotes for comparison. Additionally, FTS can now deliver quotes to clients in a beautifully rendered PDF! 


"Silo Connectors knew we had a bad experience with our previous Salesforce consulting partner and really put their focus on outlining our needs before starting the build. Silo was able to help us deploy a robust quoting platform with Salesforce CPQ and visualforce integrations. Now, our reps produce a proposal, along with multiple pricing options, within minutes."

-Matthew Malek, EVP of Sales
Logistics | Salesforce customer successes

Choice Business Connections

Choice Business Connections, a subsidiary of Choice Products and Services, is a Nationwide Master Dealer and Distributor for T-Mobile. They provide IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice services for IoT and Solution Providers. Our goal while working with CBC was to implement processes for on-boarding new dealers. Project requirements were to utilize Salesforce Lightning with pathing opportunities to closely follow the Carrier’s on-boarding process. Additionally, Silo was using Visualforce development to create custom proposal templates.


"The Carrier onboarding process is extensive and full of detail. There are so many steps to follow and track, which have to be done in specific order to avoid delays. We worked with Silo to incorporate Pathing into our Salesforce Lightning platform to ensure our employees could follow each step in the onboarding process without mistakes. Silo suggested this idea after listening to our requirements, and it has really reduced onboarding time and eliminated mistakes."

-Nick Moore, Sales Systems Administrator
Technology | Salesforce customer successes

Better Health Partnership

Silo Connectors portfolio of Salesforce customer successes proudly includes non-profits. Better Health Partnership is a 501(c)(3) multi-stakeholder Health Care Improvement Collaborative. With the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of its national Aligning Forces for quality initiative, Better Health was established in 2007. Members include health care providers and systems, insurance plans, employer groups, and community organizations. The primary goal being the transformation of health care to achieve better care, better health, and lower costs.


“Thanks for all of the ways you are helping Better Health find organization and  become more efficient. Getting the data into SF has been long and pain staking, but I know the result will be worth it.”

-Jonathan S. Lever, MPH, NRP
Healthcare | Salesforce Successes

GEMCO Medical

Founded in 1992, GEMCO Medical has been in the healthcare distribution business for more than 20 years. Our experience allows us to share invaluable industry insight and product knowledge. As a privately owned family business, GEMCO prides itself on offering personalized service with dedicated representatives. GEMCO's goal is to help you grow your business by knowing your business.


"I just want to say what a great experience it was working with you and Silo Connectors. I appreciate your professionalism and patience and realize our organization was not the most expedient with regards to launching the live environment. Again, I appreciate your patience. Our experience with your firm has been nothing but positive, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. "

-Richard Kern, Gemco Medical
Medical Salesforce solutions

Finite Fiber

Finite Fiber is a leading source of natural and synthetic cut fibers, pulps, and flocks for rubber and plastics industries. Through precision cut fibers, we can design, manufacture, and assist in the process of improving a formula’s general or specific performance requirements. Finite Fiber makes the component that gives Kevlar its strength.

Finite Fiber began their journey as the global authority on fibers in 1921. The Ekus family saw an opportunity to create a use for the large volumes of textile materials that the growing tire industry in Akron, Ohio, was using. With creative thinking and hard work, they began creating ways to precision cut these fibers and other textile fabrics for use in a variety of engineered products.

Now, Finite Fiber is a company of dedicated professionals who utilize a growing list of engineered fiber products and sophisticated chemistry to transform ordinary rubber into unique compounds for specialized applications. Fiber makes rubber and plastics better! Finite Fiber is innovating fiber technology daily.
Finite Fiber | Salesforce Customer Successes

Community Energy Advisors

Community Energy Advisors serves commercial, government, and affinity companies of all sizes looking to make smart choices to manage their natural gas and electric power needs. CEA is built around teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. Its founders bring a diverse set of skills and experience from business, industrial, and government backgrounds.

Unlike other energy consultants and brokers, Community Energy Advisors is built around analytics and modeling. We deliver Education, Protection, and Savings through our research, insight and information derived from various respected industry sources combined with our own primary source research and analysis. Through their unique approach to energy procurement and management, they improve the energy economics of residences, small businesses, and industrial-sized customers alike.
Energy | Salesforce Customer Successes

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