Business Consulting Services

Silo lends a hand with cloud communications, integrated payment systems, post-implementation support, and more. We're here as an extension to your team. How can we help?

Business Applications 

As your cloud consultant, Silo helps businesses of all sizes select and implement applications. Solutions include customer relationship management, quoting, email marketing automation, unified communications, electronic signature and lead generation. 

We integrate these applications to work together to form a complete sales and marketing go-to-market plan. Our partners include RingCentral for unified communication, Salesforce for CRM and quote to cash, DocuSign for electronic signature, Active Campaign for email marketing, Seamless AI for lead generation, and more. We are continuously evaluating new applications to improve the go to market plan for you.

Custom CRM Development

A successful cloud environment that increases adoption requires adding value at the user-level at each role in the hierarchy structure. That’s why we begin every project with a thorough understanding of your business’s current CRM framework. Next, we learn the requirements across each department and the existing challenges they face. Lastly, we are sure to understand the ultimate goals as it pertains to your specific business environment for the most successful implementation of custom CRM software. 
Strategy & Design Services
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Cloud Integration Services

Integration increases the effectiveness of applications. Anytime information passes to or from one application to another without intervention by people, value is created. Time is saved, customer service improves, and data accuracy increases. At Silo Connectors, we utilize integration as one of our most powerful tools by creating ongoing value for our clients. Integration is the basis for the group of companies that we chose as partners. 

A few examples of common integrations are CRM to Financials, Email to CRM, Phone/Communication Platforms to CRM, and Marketing Automation to CRM. There are dozens more and multiple ways to get it done. Silo Connectors works with you to quantify the value of the integration by selecting the right apps and the best method of API integration.

Post-Implementation Cloud Consulting

Our implementation services are tailored around our customers to ensure satisfaction through testing, training, and final deployment. We maximize your ROI by implementing robust Salesforce products that automate and streamline process through CRM integration and Visualforce development. Silo Connectors lends a helping hand on projects of any size and complexity post-implementation. 
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Increase User Adoption

Application adoption is critical for all business apps. If employees aren't using application, then the value hasn't been made clear and capital dollars are going to waste. Talking about adoption is easy. However, getting your employees and customers to embrace your applications is much more challenging. 

Silo Connectors works with you to identify and deploy effective adoption techniques. Our goal is to make applications like Salesforce and RingCentral work for you. One of the most effective way to do this is through integration. When information is populated automatically into applications, your employees and customers will gravitate to good sources of information. Minimizing the number of places where users have to go get the information they need is a key to adoption. 

Increase Salesforce Adoption with Salesforce Consulting Services and Certified Developers

Salesforce is a robust platform that businesses rely on for customer relationship management (CRM). It’s used across all departments including; Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, Accounting, and more. However, deploying an effective Salesforce infrastructure can require different levels of experience depending on the industry, use-case, current systems, and overall goals of each organization we work with.
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