Silo Connector’s team of Certified Salesforce Administrators are experts at defining your goals and creating a framework focused on your overall ROI. We’ve spent years creating and deploying successful user environments for our customers through our Salesforce implementation services. 
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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is an all-in-one sales tool and CRM that combines most of the same capabilities you'll find in other tools. ... Sales Cloud empowers businesses to manage leads, track progress, and automate sales processes with ease. Empower your sales team to close more deals, faster.
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salesforce implementation services with Communities

Experience Cloud

Create and maintain connections with the online social platform Experience Cloud.

Experience Cloud allows you to connect customers, partners, or employees with each other. Additionally, Cloud enables real-time collaboration of Chatter with the ability to share files, data, or records from anywhere with any connected device. This allows businesses to streamline processes, extending them from different internal offices and departments, as well as externally to customers and partners. Experience Cloud lets your safely share information between business sections. Also, the cloud let you provide service to customers efficiently and close deals faster.

Regardless of your business needs, whether it be a portal, help forum, support site, HR central, or a custom interface that connects to your Salesforce CRM, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to accomplish your needs.

With Silo Connectors Salesforce implementation services, we walk you through the process of developing, creating, implementing, and maintaining your community site. Now, you have a platform that works for you and your business needs.
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Lightning Migrations

A significant portion of the Salesforce user base is still on the Classic user interface. Therefore,  converting to Lightning can be a time-consuming effort without the right support. A consultation with Silo Connector’s team of Certified Salesforce Administrators will identify how working with experts can ensure this migration goes smooth and under budget. First, we start with a Readiness Report to reveal the potential issues that could cause a failure when migrating to Lightning. Then, our team will outline the transition goals, conduct workflow mapping, prioritize necessary integrations and functionality, and complete Readiness Report requirements. Lastly, we test in a Sandbox environment to validate that our Salesforce implementation services and migration will be successful.

Salesforce Data Migration

Migrating critical data into your Salesforce environment is an important initial step. This helps determine the automation processes and specific aspects of the data you use to operate your business. Our services include extracting data, cleaning the data to ensure there is consistency, eliminating duplicate records, standardizing the input of information, and importing everything into Salesforce.
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Lightning Mirgrations with salesforce implementation services
Salesforce Service cloud

Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning

Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning work in tandem to offer functionality for businesses that require dispatching, monitoring, and reporting activity from employees that work in the field. With the Service Cloud, you can automate work orders, change requests, job status, and more in real-time. Our certified Salesforce Developers will guide you through the entire process from configuration to custom development. All the while ensuring that Service Cloud is built to serve your clients with efficiency. Leveraging queues based on specific attributes automates the workflow of service employees. Utilize designated roles to ensure you assign, update, and complete each case in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction.
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salesforce implementation services with CPQ

Salesforce CPQ Quote-to-Cash

Our team is here to make sure you get the most out of Salesforce CPQ for configuration, pricing, and quoting processes. Increase your sales team’s productivity to close more deals by quickly creating quotes and proposals, adjust deal parameters and upsell, eliminate pricing and content errors, and reduce the sales timeline to close deals faster. Silo’s Certified Salesforce Developers and Administrators will guide you through:
  • A rapid Salesforce CPQ implementation to ensure there is flexibility in the build to increase user adoption.
  • Configure a CPQ environment that allows for up-selling and cross-selling by leveraging bundles and components, as well as identifying pricing contingencies for specific solutions.
  • Create price books and discount tiers that involve logic that reduces the amount of approval layers or delays in closing deals.
  • Develop a consistent theme for your sales team and customers by leveraging custom templates to streamline messaging.
  • Automate contract execution by integrating DocuSign with redline functionality to eliminate the need for manual paperwork or one-off contract creations outside of the Salesforce ecosystem.
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Education Data Architecture (EDA)

EDA is a tool utilized by colleges and universities aimed at offering a core package for managing the student lifecycle. This tool offers standardization for implementing backend solutions and allows Salesforce systems to work together by streamlining engagement. Silo’s team of Salesforce Certified Developers can help customize your specific goals for each school or campus.
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Eliminate the barriers between your business' departments.