ForeverLawn Grows with Silo Connector’s Skilled Cultivation of Salesforce

Experiencing Unprecedented Growth Under Less Than Typical Conditions? Partner with Silo to Thrive
July 2, 2021

When ForeverLawn's Robb Wolf signed on with the customer sales team 14 years ago, the company had tried a number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. As they tried to move forward it became clear the outdated version of Salesforce was "barely useable." Yet, despite the uncertain economy resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, ForeverLawn experienced big growth. Realizing the importance of tracking business opportunities and customers, Wolf knew ForeverLawn needed to make some upgrades to their CRM to meet customer demand.

To keep up with growing requests for its high-quality artificial grass, ForeverLawn reached out to an area Salesforce "expert" for assistance. But according to Wolf, "It was a mess. They kept asking us what we wanted to do rather than bringing us the options of what we could do".

The consultant's primary solution was offering a Salesforce manual for the ForeverLawn team's self-guidance through the program. George Gilbert, an IT professional with ForeverLawn, puts it like this, "…they gave us a book and simply said, 'here you can use this.' When we would ask for help, they would say, 'go to page 392.' The experience was a real let down for a professional business managing an increasing client base."

Silo Connectors Delivers Guidance, Solutions

After a few years of grinding through their poorly-adapted Salesforce CRM, ForeverLawn connected with Todd and the Silo Connectors team and found some much needed reprieve. Not only did Silo Connectors find the best Salesforce tools to optimize ForeverLawn's client management needs, but Todd also provided personally-guided training sessions to get everyone familiar with all of the software capabilities.

Maria Hotchkiss, customer support specialist, notes, "He [Todd] offered us several different trainings and recorded them so I could pass those on [to other ForeverLawn dealers]," she says.

"Silo has their fingers on the pulse of what's going on in the CRM world."

Some of the biggest improvements for ForeverLawn came with Silo Connector's incorporation of Salesforce management migration tools, including:

  • Lightning Migration – To help enhance productivity with a newer interface and forward-thinking tools.
  • Partner Portal – Allows outside users in your organization to login to your Salesforce system.
  • Match My Email – Captures email from every source and automatically syncs them to your Salesforce CRM, eliminating data entry.

"When we switched over to Lighting, I loved it — it was a cleaner look and much more user- friendly than the classic version," states Hotchkiss.

A Trusted Partner Invested in Your Continued Growth

When you begin your relationship with Silo Connectors, it does not stop with the implementation of new software. Unlike others, Silo signs on as a partner for the long haul. As anyone in business knows, new obstacles present themselves at every turn and Todd and Silo Connectors are at the ready to find a practical solution.

When asking how the ForeverLawn ongoing relationship with Silo Connectors benefits them, the accolades are many. From things as simple as following through and availability, to the more complex knowledge of systems and proper implementation, it is safe to say ForeverLawn is pleased.

"Todd makes sure we're aware of what's going and always keeps us updated," states Wolf. "He and his colleague Dan offer ongoing guidance that help us strengthen the home office sales connection with our 65 to 70 dealers that we work with daily — this is invaluable for serving our customers and our future growth."

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