Abilene Christian University (ACU) Finds a Trusted Partner in Silo Connectors

Silo's “Admin on Demand” Brings ACU Full-Time Employee Benefits by Offering Extra Hands to Help Carry Heavy Workloads
January 29, 2021

Salesforce is known for offering industry-specific versions of its base product, which Abilene Christian University (ACU) was excited to adopt for management of their online degree offerings. But while ACU utilized the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) from Salesforce to organize its data, HEDA does not use the standard contact and account objects; instead, it operates through a special administrative account to focus on the student.

As is true with all cloud-based software applications, Salesforce is continually evolving. For example, HEDA is now known as EDA (Education Data Architecture) and adjustments like these often make it difficult for the workforce to keep pace. To stay current and reap the best benefits from EDA, Jessica Manning, ACU’s Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services needed to find an in-house Salesforce administrator to offer day-to-day support.

Fortunately, Silo Connector’s Admin on Demand service was there to provide those “extra hands” and get ACU’s Salesforce applications up and running smoothly. Whether it is temporary relief to cover a leave of absence or a cost-saving alternative to hiring an in-house specialist, Silo’s skilled administrators are there to make your job easier.

Knowledge, Skills and Certifications + Commitment = Progress

Silo has the experts you can count on to guide you through Salesforce upgrades and new EDA rollouts to capitalize on your investment.  When ACU was implementing the Salesforce EDA platform, “[Silo] was key in helping us implement that particular architecture, which allowed us to improve efficiency in some really key areas”, Manning explains.

When you work with Silo, you’re not just getting software service professionals, you’re getting a trusted partner invested in your vision, according to Manning.

“Todd and his team would travel to us and meet face to face while processes were being established,” she says. “As operations took off, Todd and the Silo team began guiding ACU toward the future, by helping with our next steps. They help us focus on what we should be thinking about as we look forward, even to the next five years.”

Silo offers the benefits of a large-scale cloud-based software firm while maintaining a dedicated professional partnership with your needs as its priority. When asked why she would recommend Silo, Manning says it best, “What I like about Silo is while they are a smaller organization, they feel really big. You get all the benefits from a small firm — you get to engage with the owner who knows your organizational needs inside and out, while also providing a wide solution offering.”

When Service is At the Forefront, Silo is a Leader

At ACU, students are the customers and a commitment to providing superior customer service is a top priority. Silo was able to assist ACU with honing their online applications to ensure a high-quality student experience from the first log on and throughout their entire academic career. With the help of Silo professionals, ACU is currently working to customize Salesforce applications to identify potentially struggling students to help academic advisors prioritize assistance to those in need.

“I can’t say enough about how [Silo] helps us stay focused on our number one priority which is to provide a high level of service to our students,” Manning states.

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