ZINC Insurance Gets the Most Out of Salesforce with Silo Connectors

In the world of insurance, Salesforce is key for scalability, customer experience and marketing abilities
January 29, 2021

When ZINC Insurance made the investment in a cloud-based insurance agency management system, they contracted with a third-party vendor. As any good salesperson does, the vendor promised ZINC the moon and the stars, but when it came time to deliver, the vendor left much to be desired.

Chris Shaffer, Operations and Tech professional for ZINC recalls signing on with a Salesforce vendor in December of 2017, but by July [2018] they were in the market for a third-party administrative service. “The original contractor ZINC hired could not deliver on their promises and after finding Silo, we pulled the contractor completely from their projects,” he states.

No ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution

By the time ZINC brought in the Silo team some of the issues the insurance company was experiencing seemed complex, likely due to prior mistakes. Yet, what made the transition to Silo easier for Shaffer immediately was that he didn’t have to explain how the organization handled daily business. “Silo instantly understood what the end game was with little explanation of the big picture, saving us a lot of time and confusion,” he explains.

Silo’s extensive service capabilities offer every piece of the Salesforce solution puzzle — from getting business processes in order to marketing products and services, all with a comprehensive understanding of the parameters that will work best for the organization. Case in point: In an effort to create a better customer experience, ZINC was drawn to Salesforce for its scalability and marketing advantages. With the help of Silo, ZINC was able to not only quickly bring its staff up to speed on the CRM, but also amp up marketing efforts through proper utilization of Salesforce Pardot.

Open Collaboration for Continued Growth

One of the most refreshing things Chris found while working with Silo was not only did Silo deliver solutions, the team educated ZINC staff to troubleshoot system issues and gain mastery of their programs. By offering full transparency with the work, Silo created a trusted partnership and sense of teamwork that Shaffer had not previously experienced. Even more surprising was Silo’s willingness to acknowledge that while they may not always have all of the Salesforce answers, they know where to get them. “Silo is really well-connected in the Salesforce ecosystem” says Schaffer.

Silo’s transparent approach to researching and finding solutions has been invaluable to get ZINC performing to their fullest potential, according to Shaffer. “The Silo team is committed to finding the resources you need to make Salesforce successful for your organization.”

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