Our team of Certified Salesforce Developers turns your Design Framework into a real-life user environment. Let us leverage our experience in buildouts and integrations across APEX and Visual Force, Salesforce Communities, Web Services, Lightning Process Builder, Visual Workflows, and much more.
Salesforce CRM Development

Salesforce CRM Development

Our Team of Certified Salesforce Experts use their extensive training and experience in Salesforce CRM development to ensure your platform covers all key components requested from the Strategy and Design phase. Utilizing the information obtained during our discovery, we engineer a CRM platform to accomplish objectives and goals, including:
  • Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migrations
  • Lightning Components
  • Development
  • Process Automation Components
  • Design for PC and Mobile Interfaces
  • APEX and Visualforce custom Salesforce page development
  • Object Creation and Management
  • Extending Salesforce via Communities
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Salesforce Workflow Automation

Understanding the Salesforce environment as it pertains to your business requirements, organizational structure, and processes is critical in creating efficient Process Automation.
Workflows Salesforce CRM Development

Workflow Automation Rules

We design Salesforce Workflows to automate business processes by utilizing two (2) key elements. First, the criteria or trigger that initiates the rule to function. Second, the actions that execute the automation.
Visual Workflows for Salesforce CRM Development

Visual Workflow Automation

Silo Connectors creates an efficient structure for the workflows and business processes using Salesforce automation. This allows input from the user to perform specific actions based on the inputs entered.
Approvals with Salesforce CRM Development


An approval process automates the permission of specific records in the platform. Based on each particular business, this will define the steps required for a record approval, who will approve it at each step/stage, and the specific actions performed at each approval.
An Efficient Process Builder

Process Builder

Lightning Process Builder is a tool that automates the if/then business processes in a visual representation of the process as we are building. Immediate actions or scheduled actions can be configured for execution based on specific parameters.
Integrate Salesforce CRM Development

Integration of Salesforce Development

Cloud applications require an evolution path to scale appropriately with a robust architecture that can integrate critical systems as your business grows. Integrating legacy systems and cloud applications into Salesforce requires a process, experience, and expertise. Our team conducts a thorough review of the API information and outlines the best strategy specific to each integration.
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