Strategy & Design

Our certified Salesforce consultants will partner closely with your team to ensure we understand your business environment and design the right program through collaboration.
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Cloud Strategy Development

Our team begins every project with a discovery session to immerse themselves into your current CRM strategy. The best way to improve upon a CRM strategy is to fully understand it, from data entry to user hierarchy and adoption. Much like our customers, we are results-driven to ensure a superior user experience. Silo Certified Salesforce Consultants will design a cloud strategy that is measurable and quantifiable, based on gaining a thorough understanding of your ultimate goals and leveraging industry tested best-practices to complete your project quickly and under budget.
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Process Mapping

Defining, evaluating, and streamlining business processes is critical to increasing productivity and maximizing ROI for our customers. Our Certified Salesforce Administrators conduct a full review of your business processes and map process flows between necessary activities and dependencies. We conduct a full analysis of mapped processes to create more efficient workflows and outline opportunities for improvement through integrations, plug-ins, and 3rd-party applications.
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Design Framework

Our CRM Strategy and Process Mapping is outlined in a Design Framework that helps our customers organize the information gathered and their ideas so it can be integrated efficiently. This is where our team of Certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers create structure to your Salesforce infrastructure so it can be implemented efficiently and evolve as your business evolves. Silo Connectors organizes your project dimensions into a simple diagram to provide clarity to your current CRM environment and how to achieve your ideal Salesforce deployment.
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