How to Create Record Types in Salesforce and Business Processes

Automate steps and reduce user errors by creating record types and business processes in Salesforce.
October 16, 2019

Salesforce Lightning is a great tool for managing your business processes. In order to do this effectively, record types and business processes for your objects should be created to customize what user profiles can see and use for a particular process. When you tie these in with Salesforce Lightning Path, you can create a robust process that helps you automate steps and reduce user errors.

Record types in Salesforce can be created for all objects - standard and custom. Each record type will use a particular business process. This will include picklist values used for a field on the object that particular business process uses. Multiple record types can use the same business process.

Salesforce Business Processes include:

  • Sales Processes - Opportunity Stage field
  • Lead Processes Lead Status field
  • Support Processes Case Status field

Create a Business Process

(If you are using an existing business process, you can skip this section).

Navigate to Setup >> Type “process” in the Quick Find box >> Select the process you would like to create. In our example, we selected a Sales Process because we want to create a process that will be used on the Opportunity object.

Press New.

Here you can choose Master in the Existing Sales Process field, which will contain ALL picklist values for the process, or you can choose to mimic an existing process. Name your process and add a description if you would like. Press Save.

Choose the Picklist values you would like for your process to contain, if the value does not exist it cannot be selected. Make sure to add those values before creating, or you can come back and edit after they are created.

We will now proceed to create the record type for our new process. Navigate to Setup > press the Object Manager tab > type the object name in the Quick Find box you would like to create the record type for and select your object. In the example provided, we will be create a new record type for the Opportunity object.

Create a Record Type

After selecting your object, navigate to the left side of the Object Manager screen and Select Record Types. This will show a list of all created record types for the object. Select New in the upper right to create a new record type.

Now you will enter the details to set as the new Salesforce record type ID. Select an Existing Record Type > name the record type > then select a Sales Process > write a description if you would like > Check Active to make active > Select all Profiles that will be able to use this record type and decide if it should be a Default or not > Press Next to continue.

Select which Page Layout you would like this record type to use. Here you can assign different layouts for each profile or assign one to all. You can always create a new page layout and assign at a future date as well. Press Save to complete.

Use these Record Types to create multiple Lightning Paths for your business workflows or use them to limit and control what certain profiles can see. These can provide you the flexibility you need to manage multiple business processes in one place.

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