Maximize Salesforce Storage with Task Archiver

Effortlessly Manage Tasks while Saving on Budget Consuming Storage
January 19, 2020

Silo helps our clients manage Salesforce tasks with our proprietary product, Task Archiver. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange®, this tool makes it incredibly easy to move Salesforce tasks into file storage while limiting the number of days that “closed” and “open” tasks consume your data storage.

How does it work, you might ask? Task Archiver allows you to select the number of days and actions for tasks. Then, you simply move them into document storage. As a result, users are able to organize and maintain tasks without the cost of the data storage. Our custom interface allows you to review archived tasks, search using task criteria, and ensure you never lose valuable information.

Task Archiver provides the ability for you to set a number of days past the activity due date for a task to be archived or deleted. The application lets you chose different number of days and action for open and closed tasks.

When Task Archiver by Silo Connectors is used to archive tasks, they are moved into document storage. This allows you to keep the tasks around but not at the cost of data storage.

We also provide an interface for pulling up archived tasks. There is an easy to use search mechanism that lets you search on subject, archived date, and parent object. Once you find the task you are looking for you can actually view the task detail.

Task Archiver by Silo Connectors is an application designed to help keep your out of control tasks in check. Do you often deal with open tasks that have gone well past their due date? Too many closed tasks taking up space and providing no value? Task Archiver can help you tame that problem by automating the process of deleting or archiving them. We have designed a custom archive process that will move your task data into file storage using the Document object. You can then use our app to search and retrieve that archived task data at a later time. Don't need your tasks around anymore? No problem. Use the task archive to automate the deletion of tasks after they have passed a certain number of days from the due date.

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