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Implement Salesforce in less than a week with Silo Connectors battle-tested experience and team of Certified Administrators
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Customize, Configure, and Implement Fast with Salesforce Quick Start

Quick Start Assist by Silo Connectors is a series of interactive sessions customized to ensure your Salesforce deployment is completed as quickly as possible. Our team of Certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers follow a series of defined steps. Then, we guide you through the Salesforce configuration process to ensure your organization’s requirements are implemented accurately and optimized for all access levels.

Maximize Your Investment

Realize a rapid return on your Salesforce investment.

Implementation Experts

Manage implementation costs with a clear outline of your project.

Maximize User Adoption

Keep users engaged with proven best practices.

Configured for Growth

Create a roadmap for current and future business initiatives.

Manage Key Metrics

Implement analytics, reports, and dashboards for your business.
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Deploy in Just 40 Hours with Salesforce Quick Start

Designed for small businesses and implementations with 10 Salesforce users or less, Quick Start Assist ensures your initial application is setup to support your critical business processes quickly and under budget. Our expert consultants prioritize your critical objectives and guide you through the Salesforce deployment from start to finish. Lastly, we provide Salesforce quick training. Training methods include web-based training,  scenario-based training, and a Salesforce training outline of best practices. 
Salesforce Quick Start | Deploy in 40 Hours

Remote Services

Engage with our team of Certified Administrators and Developers to implement your custom Salesforce platform within 40 hours.

Kickoff Call

Project outline call to review requirements, identify users and key roles, and coordinate specific requirements pertaining to your business.

Solution Design Workshop

Review of Salesforce core objects and their functionality, and how they will be used in your CRM environment.

Application Configuration

Setup of the Lightning App for each user’s profile to ensure they see information relevant to their role, clients, and opportunities upon login.

Post-Configuration Call

Connect on both Windows® and Mac® using any popular browser. Also available through Android and iOS for mobile access.

Scenario-Based Training

Custom training document created specifically for your Salesforce implementation, user profiles, and business objectives.

Web-Based Training

A comprehensive walkthrough of the Salesforce platform tailored to your business, led by a Silo Connector’s Certified Administrator.

Knowledge Transfer

A review of your specific Solution Design, how it was incorporated by our team, and a final review of the implementation wrap-up.

Best Practices Training

Lastly, we train users on key items to maintain a clean and efficient Salesforce platform. This includes data quality, duplicate management, and much more.
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