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Isabel the Initiative Driver propels scalable growth with streamlined processes, quoting, and contract management.
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Limit Costly Errors, Save Time. 

The Initiative Driver’s primary role is to help you get more from your current platform through cloud consulting. Silo’s goal is to transform the organizational silos of your business and eliminate the barriers between departments. In other words, we help make Salesforce, or other CRMs, work for you. 

Drive consistency and efficiency with quote automation, pricing integration, service renewals, and accurate forecasting. Silo’s job is to make our clients’ lives easier. Streamline product configuration, pricing, and quoting with Salesforce CPQ and contract management. Meanwhile, capitalize on profitable territories with sales forecasting.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Do you have customers with subscriptions or recurring billing? With Salesforce CPQ implementation services, Silo transforms the quoting and billing process. Scalable and precise, CPQ enables quoting of all complexities. Create an environment where up-selling and cross-selling are made easy with pricing bundles and components. 

Salesforce CPQ offers countless benefits including:
• Easily adjustable deal parameters Elimination of pricing errors 
• Reducing the sales timeline and closing deals faster 
• Price books and discount tiers based on custom logic 
• Scalable growth with contract automation and renewals

Contract Management

Simplify the lives of the sales team and provide transparency to customers with contract management. From automating contract amendments and renewals to consolidating billing into one contract, Silo Connectors configures an environment that executes this vision.

Quote to cash has never been more efficient. With payment integration, customers can make online payments with the click of a button. Our team can help your organization cater contracts to the needs of your customers, driving efficiency and encouraging transparency.

Sales Forecasting Tools

The sales forecast provides organizations with invaluable insight of what the sales team, individuals, and company as a whole will sell over a specific amount of time. Additionally, forecasting can be broken up across territories. With this data, potential errors can be avoided while opportunities can be capitalized on.

There are multiple of sales forecasting methods that a company can utilize. Silo Connectors can implement custom sales forecasting tools and provide consulting services to discover which methodology is best for your organizational vision.

Our Team Helps Deploy Salesforce Effectively and Quickly to Meet Your Goals