RingCentral Office® for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Combine the world’s #1 CRM with the world leader in Unified Communications to streamline workflows and increase your team’s productivity.
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AdvizeX was experiencing increased spending on its web conferencing tool from GoToMeeting. One of the key decision criteria for selecting RingCentral as our cloud-based phone provider was the inclusion of a feature rich audio and video conferencing tool in the phone subscription. When we selected RingCentral as our cloud phone provider, we were able to eliminate nearly $100,000/year of costs associated with the conferencing tool.
Aaron Tomlinson
Chief Technology Officer, Rolta AdvizeX

Deploy Salesforce RingCentral with Silo Connectors Team of Experts

Silo Connector’s partnership with RingCentral® offers your organization a seamless way to purchase RingCentral, deploy and integrate with Salesforce, and learn best practices to become familiar with this robust configuration. Our team provides a cost benefit analysis of centralizing your phone and web-based meeting packages, and helps your business transition from a capital expenditure model to an operation cost model. Leveraging cloud-based phone systems eliminates the need for large one-time purchases and offers a per user/per month model. This allows your business to maintain the latest innovations at an affordable price, rather than feeling trapped with legacy systems and hardware.

We assist your organization with the following steps to ensure you get up and running fast - without delays:
Salesforce Ringcentral

Install & Configure

RingCentral Salesforce setup installation, Call Center configuration, and user setup.

Setup Softphones

Customize RingCentral SoftPhone layout and assign to the proper users.

Launch RingCentral in Lightning

Add open CTI SoftPhone to the Lightning App for use in Salesforce.

Set Presets

Provide a list of preset call dispositions to end-users for quick Salesforce call logging.

Customize & Share Reports

Create analytics reports and share for full visibility into important metrics.

Admin User Interface

Salesforce automatic call logging matches with records for a customizable call log.

Call Recording Policy

Customize automatic call recordings for incoming and outgoing calls.

RingCentral Salesforce Setup

Setup call and SMS options on Salesforce1 Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Customize Fields & Objects

Create custom fields and objects in Salesforce for call logs.
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RingCentral Salesforce Integration with Sales Cloud

RingCentral’s fully integrated App for Salesforce Classic or Lightning allows your team to place calls directly from within Salesforce by clicking on your contact or account records. Incoming calls trigger pop-up screens with relevant caller information provided from account and past record details from within Salesforce. Your sales or support team can also attach call notes and it accurately tracks call duration for reporting, analysis and training.
Integrate Salesforce Ringcentral


Make calls directly from within Salesforce by clicking on any contact or account, saving time and effort while eliminating misdials.

Instant screen pop.

An instant pop-up screen will appear for all incoming calls, providing insights that lead to a more tailored conversation.

Analytics that matter.

Acquire insight from every call. Get a deeper understanding of your team’s performance by creating customized reports and dashboards.

Real-time call logs.

Offline call logging before or after your call makes it easy to log notes on missed calls and allows users to log multiple calls at once.

Schedule meetings.

Seamlessly schedule a RingCentral meeting from within a Salesforce account and keep an accurate log of account progression.

Work the way you want.

The RingCentral App flawlessly works in Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning, without the need to over your entire system.

Access from anywhere.

Connect on both Windows® and Mac® using any popular browser. Also available through Android and iOS for mobile access.

Integrates with Salesforce1™.

Click to call any number in the Salesforce1 mobile app to initiate calls using your RingCentral Phone™ mobile app.
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Connect Easily, Quickly, and Reliably with RingCentral Office®

Join today’s modern workforce with the next generation of business communications through RingCentral Office. RingCentral Office offers a user experience that innovates the way people communicate. Share content, manage projects, and accomplish more with less effort.

Easy to use

Keep your own phone number on a user-friendly cloud phone system.

Loaded with features

Includes over 50 features, video conferencing, messaging, and much more.

Dependable support

Stay connected during disasters and outages with personalized service.

Competitive pricing

Manage all your communications through a single phone system.

Mobile friendly

Stay connected everywhere with Android, iOS, and desktop applications.

Evolves with you

Tools and support as your business expands, every step of the way.
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All-in-One Cloud Communication System with RingCentral Office®

Legacy PBX systems are complicated and outdated, your business needs cutting-edge technology. RingCentral Office is a secure, all-in-one, and cloud-hosted virtual solution that accomplishes all your communication needs and more. Keep your team and business productive and collaborative anywhere, with seamless communication.

Make a Real Connection with Customers Through High-Definition Conferencing

Face-to-face meetings offer credibility to your business. They can help get and retain customers, and allow your team to establish a stronger bond with their clients. RingCentral Meetings offers that in person touch through online high-definition video conferencing. Reduce travel expenses without losing your personal touch.

Collaborate and Work Smarter With Your Team with Included Features

Keep your team productive, in the field, and meeting with customers with RingCentral Office collaboration features. Real-time messaging, video calling, file sharing, tasks, and more offer freedom to your business and employees.
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The Trifecta of Communication Tools from RingCentral Office®

RingCentral app for Android and iOS

Stay connected to your team, colleagues, and business with all-in-one messaging, calling, SMS, video meetings and screen sharing, file sharing, and more.

RingCentral Meetings

Create and host unlimited video conferences with reliable online meeting experiences in HD video and crystal-clear audio.

RingCentral desk phones

High-quality business phones featuring HD voice and features that optimize productivity, reduce costs, and scale as your business grows.
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Rest Easy with RingCentral Robust and Tested Security Architecture

The protection of your data is paramount in today’s digital age. RingCentral provides peace of mind by providing 24/7, robust and independently tested security features at every level of their architecture and processes.


Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption between all endpoints to prevent interception of all your communication.


Firewalls and session border controllers, multiple authentication levels, intrusion-detection systems and fraud analytics, monitoring, system hardening, and vulnerability scans and full PCI DSS 3.1 compliance are all provided safeguards of your data.

Physcial and Environment

RingCentral utilizes SSAE 16 and ISO 27001-audited data centers, using robust electronic prevention systems, on-site engineering specialists, and security guards. Geographic diversity of centers minimize data loss risk and service interruption due to a catastrophe.

Proactive Fraud Mitigation

Prevents toll fraud through access control, detection controls, and usage throttling, giving granular control over who gets to make international calls and to where, while also actively monitoring to detect irregular calling patterns and prevent fraudulent charges.

FINRA Security Controls

RingCentral has received compliance in security controls for cloud providers established by FINRA to protect all your data and information.

Independent Testing

RingCentral regularly undergoes independent verification of their security controls to protect customers’ data and communications and to meet regulatory and compliance needs.
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Stay Connected with Enterprise-Grade Reliablity and Quality of Service

Focusing on delivering enterprise-grade reliability and quality of service RingCentral invested in their own technology and network, and their team of professionals proactively monitors and optimizes the platform 24/7/365.


Natural disasters, power outages, and malicious network attacks can cause communications downtime that frustrates your customers and threatens your bottom line. RingCentral utilizes geographic diversity and their distributed network is fully redundant in every location.

End-to-End Monitoring

RingCentral continually monitors the end-to-end performance of their network to ensure performance of quality metrics, completion rates, and availability remain at peak levels. Alarms are also in place that warn of widespread, significant drops in endpoint performance.

Disaster Recovery

The RingCentral platform has been architected to support failover conditions in case of emergency. Using SIP trunking, RingCentral provides real-time disaster recovery by switching active services from one data center to another. RingCentral also utilizes redundant internet connections so fax, voice, voicemail, and conferencing services can all continue to operate without interruption.

Internet Failure Resilience

RingCentral Persist offers advanced cloud capabilities and site resilience in the event of an internet outage. This feature allows enterprises to maintain calling features for a critical set of users and avoid service interruption on inbound and outbound calls, extension to extension dialing, and E911 emergency services.
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Salesforce RingCentral Integration Combines Communication & Collaboration Tools in a Single App

The cornerstone of RingCentral Office, the RingCentral App combines all your teams’ communications and collaboration tools together in one intuitive application. Message groups and individuals in real time, manage your calendar and tasks, host online meetings, and store and share files, from anywhere you’re at. RingCentral for Android and RingCentral for IoS combines all your powerful tools within a single app. 

Manage projects in one interface

Everything you need to know is stored in one place and can be accessed from anywhere with group chat, video conferencing, and calendar scheduling.

Stay productive everywhere

The app works where you work, all your devices. An on the go application that works on both your computer and mobile devices

Host meetings quickly and easily

Easily schedule or host meetings from inside the app wherever you may be. Host video and audio conferences with a few clicks

Integrates with hundreds of applications

RingCentral knows your team uses a lot of tools, so they integrate with hundreds of applications.

Save time and and emails

Avoid the back and forth and work on an image or doc simultaneously. Make annotations on images, and cut down on email tag and rounds of changes

Share files with automatic version control

Collaboration has never been easier. The App allows you to share and edit documents on or offline.
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Streamline workflows and increase productivity with Salesforce RingCentral Integration.