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Create A Community and Manage Your Business with the RingCentral Portal

No matter the size of your company, we know how much communication is essential to the success of your business. Let our team of experts introduce a way to simplify your communications onto a one cloud communication platform. Silo Connector’s partnership with RingCentral offers your company a seamless way to purchase RingCentral, deploy and integrate with Salesforce, and learn the best practices to become familiar with this robust configuration. Leveraging cloud-based phone systems eliminates the need for large one-time purchases and offers a per-user/ per-month model. This provides your business with the latest innovations at an affordable price.

RingCentral Office Makes Sure You’re Connected

Your business needs a communication program that communicates the way you do, quickly and efficiently. Join today’s modern workforce with the next generation of business communications through RingCentral Office. Share content, manage projects, and accomplish more with less effort.

HD Voice Calling

Every call is essential between you and your client; make sure you don’t miss one. With the easy setup, you’ll be ready to take reliable HD audio calls in minutes. We know time is money, that’s why convenience is critical in your business. In your admin portal, you can track call quality, set up call routing, and view stats all in the same place. Custom options are important for your business; keep your existing phone number, choose a number from your local area code, and switch live calls between your mobile app and desktop in one click.

Real-Time Messaging

Collaboration is key to a successful business, and we want you to succeed. With free team messaging, calendar syncing, and file-sharing you’ll be able to collaborate with your team from anywhere. With the task manager, you’re able to assign tasks and schedule projects where your whole team can see.

HD Video Connection

Your location shouldn’t stop your business from thriving. With HD video and voice, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room with your co-worker or client, making collaboration that much easier. Enjoy features that allow you to conduct conferences, screen sharing, meeting recordings, and messaging in just one click. Make connecting quicker without downloading an additional program; easily join or host in only one click.
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RingCentral Salesforce Integration

The organization of documents and client numbers is vital for quicker communication. RingCentral’s fully integrated App for Salesforce Classic or Lightning allows your team to place calls directly from within Salesforce by clicking on your contact or account records. Incoming calls trigger pop-up screens with relevant caller information from their account and past record details from within Salesforce. Take your communication one step further with the ability to attach call notes, while also accurately tracking the call duration for insight from every call to understand your team’s performance by creating customized reports.

The Trifecta of Communication Tools

RingCentral Portal

Stay connected with your team, colleagues, and business wherever you are by downloading the app for Android and iOS on all your devices. With this app, all-in-one messaging, calling, SMS, video meetings with screen sharing, file sharing, and more will be at your fingertips

RingCentral Meetings

Easily schedule or host unlimited video conferences with reliable online meeting experiences in HD video and crystal-clear audio. RingCentral incorporates chat, messaging, and file sharing for seamless communication with your team and clients. 

RingCentral Desk Phones

High-quality business phone with HD voice and features that optimize your productivity, cut costs, and grow with your business. The best part? RingCentral desk phones can forward to your cellphone using the RingCentral soft phone feature. 
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You’re in Safe Hands with RingCentral Tested Security Architecture

Your company’s protection of information shouldn’t be one of your worries; let RingCentral make your company’s security their top priority. Feel secure and peace of mind with 24/7, robust, and independently tested security features at every level of their architecture and processes.

RingCentral regularly undergoes independent verification of its security controls to protect customers’ data and communications and to meet regulatory and compliance needs. Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption prevent interception of all your communication. Firewalls and session border controllers, multiple authentication levels, intrusion-detection systems, and fraud analytics all provide safeguards for your data. So, no need to stress, RingCentral has got your company’s back against unwanted visitors.

Unify Communications with the RingCentral Portal