How to Use Salesforce Optimizer

Eliminate unnecessary fields and speed up platform performance
September 15, 2020

The Salesforce Summer ’20 release has introduced an update to a very powerful tool for Admins to leverage within their Lightning Instances, the Salesforce Optimizer App. The Optimizer provides a look under the hood by providing a diagnostic report which can show the performance and general health of an Organization. It also evaluates how users use the instance providing recommendations to simplify processes to help drive user adoption, and provides ways to simplify customizations.

The big change in functionality for the Optimizer is that it no longer provides its findings and recommendations in a lengthy downloadable PDF, but in a clean, interactive app that is accessible from within your organization.

The Optimizer analyzes many of your features and customizations and can provide nearly 50 recommendations. For security purposes, the Optimizer only accesses the organization's metadata and DOES NOT have access to customer data. These recommendations may include:

  • Administrator Permissions
  • Apex Triggers
  • Fields
  • Page Layouts
  • Sharing Rules
  • Validation Rules
  • Workflow Rules

When done running, Salesforce will send an in-app notification. Click the notification to access the Optimizer, or search “optimizer” in the Quick Find box in Set-up.

The Optimizer will show its results in an interactive List View.



From the list view, click through to see full results (1), recommendations (2), and the Setup page to make any changes (3) for over 40 features analyzed as part of the Optimizer.

This information can then be used to prioritize what needs to be done and shared with decision-makers of your org. It is also a very useful tool to new admins of an already-existing org, providing invaluable information on the underpinnings of the org to reassure them of what changes may do to an unfamiliar org.

Enabling the Optimizer is a quick and easy process.

Go to Set-up and type “optimizer” in the quick find box. Click on Optimizer to show the setup screen. On the setup screen press Allow Access, then read and agree to the terms, then save and close. Once this is completed press Open Optimizer, this will open the optimizer in a new tab. Then, press Run Optimizer.


Salesforce Optimizer Setup

The Optimizer is a very powerful tool that just became easier to use and with it being available to use for free in Professional Edition Orgs and up, running it after every update may not be a bad idea to help keep your organization running at its best.




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