How SDMyers Powered Salesforce to Maintain and Increase Subscription Revenue

Silo Connectors collaboration with SDMyers boosts transformer maintenance contract renewals
January 29, 2021

In an ever-expanding cloud computing technology market, keeping up to date with available products, and their optimal implementations, can be a full-time job. Case in point: Debbie Brown, SDMyers’ Marketing Intelligence Supervisor was faced with the challenging task of maintaining her company’s performance and transformer maintenance renewal retention data using Salesforce.

While the implementation of any new process can disrupt work flow due to expected learning curves, having an expert resource in Silo Connectors for guidance with SaaS issues proved to be a game changer. Silo’s professionals were able to understand system shortcomings and collaborate with Brown, in a relatable way, to overcome deficiencies.

As an early adopter of the Saas subscription-based revenue model, Brown relied on guidance from Silo to deploy the solution. “[Todd] is able to very clearly talk about how things can be solved, what other companies have done, [and] how we can leverage Salesforce because he knows the platform to help us meet our business model and our business needs,” explains Brown, whose role is integral in pioneering efforts of SDMyers’ transformer management. “Since 1965, we’ve focused on maximizing the cost-effective, reliable life of our client’s high voltage equipment.”

Team Up with Silo for The Results You Need

Silo Connectors utilizes a team of skilled professionals with the Salesforce expertise and know-how to get you up and running to meet your business goals. For SDMyers, a large part of their business is transformer maintenence management retention. The complexities that come with maintaining an extensive client database can be significant and without proper management, things can slip through the cracks. With the help of Silo, SDMyers is currently at an 89% customer retention rate, which according to Brown, “by our standards is huge”.

Silo Connectors Gets the Job Done

As businesses expand, bringing in new hires is essential; however, training new employees takes time, a valuable resource in any industry. Busy professionals often find themselves wearing many hats throughout the day to get work done and Brown is no exception, “I can’t describe to you how great [Silo] has been — they provide the resources I need to assist with my multiple responsibilities. It’s a huge time saver.”

Silo’s pros make themselves available to team up with you and help out where your company might have a staffing deficit. Despite not knowing all of the ins and outs of your specific workload, Silo’s mastery of SaaS is the key instrument for your success.

“Silo brought us one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with — they think about things differently, quickly understood our business and have been so responsive,” Brown states.

A Trusted Partner Ready to Meet Your Needs

All too often after the purchase of a SaaS solution, your vendor suddenly vanishes leaving you to troubleshoot your new program blindly. With Silo Connectors, you’re getting a professional partnership with an industry leader. In a fast-paced competitive world, it’s knowing you can rely on Silo gives that brings valuable peace of mind that, in turn, enables you to offer that same level of service to your own customers.

“They’re not just developers. Silo Connectors is a team of real people who can relate and talk to their customers,” says Brown. “The collaboration is phenomenal.”

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